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  Driftwood Wreath

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I thought it would be fun to share a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a Driftwood Wreath!

I love to collect & gather driftwood!

You don't have to go to the ocean to collect driftwood.  You can gather driftwood, along most shore lines, creek or river beds, like I do below.
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To start you wreath you need to collect 4"-7" pieces of Driftwood.  Go ahead and grab a bucket because you will need at least 40 to have a nice size 24" wreath.

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Supplies Needed!

Driftwood Pieces 4" - 7" In Length - about 40 pieces
Wire Wreath Frame
Beach Netting
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

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When I make my wreaths, I only use the wire frame as a guide.  I don't glue the driftwood to the frame.  I start off my wreath by placing paper underneath the wire frame to avoid getting any hot glue drips on my table.  I place pieces of driftwood along the center edge of the wire frame in a circle, overlapping the driftwood on to each other to form the middle of the wreath.  I pick up each piece and add some hot glue underneath where it rests onto another piece and hot glue those two pieces together.  Allow to dry.  Continue around until the middle is done.  I then start hot gluing pieces of driftwood going outwards from the middle to the outer edge of the wreath, continuing to overlap pieces, still using you wire frame a s a guide to keep a nice circle, and continuing to go around until you get the desire look you want. I added layers on top of my original layer so my wreath is thicker.  Once totally dry, I turned the wreath over, and added hot glue to areas I felt needed it for durability.

Tie off the a piece of burlap or in my case a piece of beach netting.  Then add some shells into the netting and you have a great wreath, that about $5.00 in cost!


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