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  French Style Topiary

 photo frenchtopiary_zps0d1a4b9b.jpg


Clay Pot
Fern - Of Choice
My fern is from Michaels - Resembles Rosemary and was $12.00 for the floral bush but I used my weekly 40% off coupon
Valspar Brand (Lowe's) Stone Textured Spray Paint
Moss Craft Paint & Dark Brown Craft Paint

Twig 18"

Skinny Wooden Dowel 18"

Spanish Moss

Spaghnum Moss


Step 1:  Spray your pot lightly with Valspar Stone Textured Spray Paint and allow to dry fully.

 photo 37_zps2067582a.jpg

Once dry, take your sand paper fine grit and sand lightly to get your desired effect.   Dry brush on your Moss and Brown Paint very sparingly around the pot. I did it very minimal.

 photo 14_zps522fe1f0.jpg

 photo 1_zps2b19fb90.jpg

Step 2:  Take your fern and cut into 3-4" pieces depending on how big you want your topiary top.  I chose 4" pieces for mine shown.

 photo 6_zps6c0c4a36.jpg

Take your stick and place in the middle of 3 fern pieces and apply some hot glue to the end of the stick.  Press on the fern ends to the stick, being careful not to burn your hands.  Allow to dry.  Continue going around the stick in the same areas just reapplying more fern until you reach your desired fullness.

 photo 7_zpsc0d768d6.jpg

 photo 9_zps32ddfe84.jpg

 photo 10_zpse73dc7e9.jpg

Once you have reached your desired fullness, take some Spanish moss, I chose brown, and hot glue around the ends of the fern where it meets the stick to cover up the gluing you did.

You stick will resemble a feather duster:)

 photo 22_zps296e0718.jpg

Take your wooden dowel and paint brown.  Cut the dowel the same length of your stick.

Hot glue some styrofoam in to middle of the pot.

Hot glue your dowel first in the very center of the pot, making sure you keep the dowel nice and straight and allow to dry.

Hot glue your stick with fern attached, directly next to your dowel.  Allow to dry.

Take cording and tied dowel and stick together to resemble a tree being staked.

Hot glue Spaghnum Moss around the base of the tree.  You are done!


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