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  Chippy Paint Technique

 photo VintageCountrymarketplaceTutorialWhiteandChippy1_zps69b1e770.jpg


Craft Paint - I'm Using CraftSmart Brand Buttermilk
White Elmers School Glue
Paint Brush
Fine Grit Sandpaper

Get out the piece you would like to make chippy.  I am using an old ceramic urn that was in my garage.  In fact, I was going to throw it away last I am very glad I didn't!

 photo t1_zps099ed80b.jpg

In most cases, you need to paint the base color or primer color.  This is the color you want to see when the piece starts to "chip".  I wanted the brown to come through so I did not choose to prime this piece first.  If you prime first for the base coat, allow base coat to dry completely before putting the coat of glue on!

Paint a coat of White Elmer's School Glue all over the piece, getting thicker in some areas than others.

 photo t3_zpsf5b12c88.jpg

Directly after painting the glue on, paint over the wet piece with your craft paint of choice.  The paint will pull a bit, or may be thick, this is fine.  Allow the paint to site for 10 min.

After 10 minutes, take some wadded up paper towels and start to "rag off" in the places you want to see chips.  Press the paper towel directly onto the piece and pull off, i.e. ragging off.  Repeat this over the entire piece where you want the chips.  The more you rag off, the more chips you  will see later.

 photo t6_zps74d64a45.jpg

 photo t4_zps290b2211.jpg

As the paint dries, the glue underneath will start to pull and cause the paint to "crack".

 photo t7_zps995e90a6.jpg

I decided I "ragged off" too much so I allowed this piece to dry fully.  Then I brushed here and there with the Buttermilk paint.  I sanded the edges to give it a more chipped effect.

 photo 9_zps9adb4bca.jpg

I just love how this has turned out. 

I also did the same effect on the paper mache egg. 

For the nest I just used brown spanish moss from Michaels.


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